Training Center FAQ

So you have some burning questions about PHIT classes? Well you’ve come to the right place! Hopefully these FAQ answer all of your questions. If they don’t – or if you demand human interaction before you commit to class feel free to contact PHIT with your unanswered concerns.


How big are classes?
Our goal is always to have a large enough group to let people mix around and interact with several different classmates, but we also want to keep classes small enough that we can give you the personal attention you deserve. To balance both these goals PHIT doesn’t run a class with less than 8 people or more than 14. Most classes sell out.

Where do classes meet?

All PHIT Training Center classes meet in the Adrienne Theatre arts complex at 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. PHIT’s stage and offices are in the building as well, so it’s your one stop shop for all your comedy needs!

How much do classes cost?

Our 8-week classes in our core curriculum cost $299. Workshops are between $35-100 depending on the instructor and how long the class is. We offer discounts if you register more than one week before a class starts (anywhere from $15-50).

How can I pay for class?

When you register for class on the website you’ll be able to pay with a PayPal account, a major credit card, or an eCheck. We use PayPal as our payment system, but if you read the whole page you’ll see a place where you can click to “pay with a credit card”. We ONLY accept online payments at this time, you CANNOT come into the office and pay for a class with cash or a check. (Sorry)!

Can I sit in on a class before signing up to see what it’s like?

We do not allow students to audit classes. However, we offer a FREE Intro to Improv workshop several times each month where potential students can get a good sampling of a typical 101 class. These FREE workshops are listed at the top of the Training Center’s ENROLL NOW listing of upcoming classes and workshops.

On the website is says that there are X spots left in a class, but when I go to register the site tells me the class is sold out. What gives with that?

The website is not yet updated in realtime. Someone has to go in and update the website to reflect available spots. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope another class will work for your schedule. If not, just make sure you register early, early, early for the next session to be sure you can get into the class you want!

What’s the class refund policy?

After you register for a class and we have received your payment there are NO REFUNDS. Please consider your calendar, and ask any questions you have about the class (by contacting us), before you register.

Is it possible to transfer from one class to another?

We generally do not allow students to transfer between classes.

What if I miss a class? Are there makeups?

Make-up classes are possible for Improv levels 101-301 during weeks one through seven of class. The make-up class take place in the same week of the class you are missing and you must request the make-up prior to the absence. Make-up classes are not guaranteed and do not erase an absence. The above also applies to Sketch Writing 101.

Can I skip level 101? I have previous experience.

If your previous improv or sketch experience is at a reputable improv theater )such as Second City, iO, UCB, Magnet Theater, ImprovBoston, DSI Comedy Theatre, etc.) then you might be able to skip to 201 if it hasn’t been too long since your last class. A two year break is typically the longest we will allow before we would start you at the 101 level. If you have experience and would like to be considered to skip to a 201 class you must first email the class registrar at

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a class. Can I just pick up where I left off?
This depends on how long it’s been since you’ve last taken class. At PHIT, we allow a two year break in between classes with rare exceptions. This is because we update our curriculum yearly and picking up where you left off could mean starting off behind the rest of the class. If you are unsure where you should start please email

What’s the school’s policy on snow days or weather related class cancellations?

PHIT loves snow, but we always say that forgetting how bad it can be when we want to have class and our students can’t make it. Sometimes our winter classes have to be cancelled when we get a heavy snowfall – in these cases a makeup class is added, on the same day of the week and time as the class normally meets and one week after class normally ends. This policy is the same for other weather (hurricanes, plagues of locusts, etc.).

We’ll ask for a phone number on the first day of class so that if we ever do cancel class, you’ll get an email and a follow-up call if we don’t get confirmation you received the message. We also post notice of weather related class cancellations on the front page of our website, the Current Classes page of the PHIT website, and our social media accounts.


What are improv practice groups?

Next to learning and watching, the best way to get better at improv is through practice! Improv X02 sessions line up with the PHIT Improv curriculum – reinforcing the ideas taught in your class the previous week.These sessions ensure you end up with a much more productive experience that places you with fellow improvisers of equivalent level. In short- we’re talkin’ about practice!

When do the improv practice groups take place?

During each eight-week session, the practice group will meet on the same day and time each week. When a new session begins, there could be a new group time. Keep an eye on the PHIT Training center group, your email or ask your instructor for the days/times for the current session.

What can I expect in an improv practice group?

Each practice group includes warm-ups and scenework exercises that reinforce and strengthen the improv concepts laid out in your previous week of class. They run one week behind, so everyone attending will have the same skill set.

Who can attend the improv practice groups?

Each practice group is open to current students of that level or above as well as graduates of that practice group’s corresponding improv level. For example, if you are currently in, or have graduated from, PHIT Improv 101 you can attend the Improv 102 practice group. If you are currently in, or a graduated of, Improv 201 you can attend the Improv 202 practice group and/or the Improv 102 practice group. This makes it so you meet students from other classes and experience levels.

Who instructs the improv practice groups?

The instructors vary from week to week and level to level. This exposes you to a wider variety of instructors through the course of one session. Who knows, maybe someone’s style will click with you and you’ll know who you want to take in an upcoming class!

What does it cost to attend an improv practice group?

The improv practice groups are free for students of the current session. If you are not a current student then the cost to attend is $10 which is collected by the instructor at the start of class. The instructor will have a class roster, so please be sure to have your ID on you if you are asked.

Can the improv practice group be counted as a make-up for my improv class?Unfortunately, no. The practice groups are designed as a supplement to class, not a replacement. If you miss a class and do not make it up in another class it will still count as an absence. However, it’s even more beneficial to you to attend the practice group if you miss class.