Frequently Asked Questions
So you have some burning questions about PHIT classes? Well you’ve come to the right place! Hopefully these FAQ answer all of your questions. If they don’t – or if you demand human interaction before you commit to class feel free to contact PHIT with your unanswered concerns.

How big are classes?
Our goal is always to have a large enough group to let people mix around and interact with several different classmates, but we also want to keep classes small enough that we can give you the personal attention you deserve. To balance both these goals PHIT doesn’t run a class with less than 8 people or more than 14. If you go to New York or Chicago you’ll get classes with 20 people where the teacher never learns your name. We never liked it when we were in big classes, so we’re not going to do that to our students.

Where do classes meet?
Since PHIT doesn’t have a permanent space of its own yet, our classes meet in various locations around the city – typically in either Center City or near South Street. You will always be notified of the exact location for your class a few days before the first meeting (unless you try to sneak into a class at the last minute, then you’ll be notified as soon as we see your registration).

How much do classes cost?

We have three prices for our classes. The 8-week classes in our core curriculum cost $249. Workshops are between $35-100 depending on the prestige of the instructor and how long they last. We offer discounts if you register more than one week before a class starts (anywhere from $15-50).

What qualifications do I need to take a class?

To take our Level 101 class you need to fulfill two requirements. First, you must be interested in learning comedy (you should fulfill that one pretty easily if you’re reading this)! Second, you need to be at least 18 years old. PHIT will occasionally make exceptions to the age requirement – but you need to contact us to discuss this possibility because we need parental permission.

We also have teen classes that run occasionally for students in high school. You must be under 18 to take these classes.

Do I have to start with Level 101?

NO! Other theaters like to make everyone start at the beginning of their program. They like to stress that you can always brush up on fundamentals. They like to… make money. While PHIT isn’t opposed to making money, we also appreciate that a lot of people come to us with a lot of improv experience already. If you want to skip out of some levels, contact us and let’s talk. We’ll figure out where to place you (probably Level 201, if you’re really awesome we’ll let you take Level 301).

Come on, please can I skip Level 101? I’ve taken lessons before and been in a group for years (and we’re really funny!)…

We already said okay! We’re not like other theaters, remember? Seriously, stop whining and just contact us so we can figure out how far ahead to skip you.

How can I pay for class?

When you register for class on the website you’ll be able to pay with a PayPal account, a major credit card, or an eCheck. We use PayPal as our payment system, but if you read the whole page you’ll see a place where you can click to “pay with a credit card”. We ONLY accept online payments. We do not make payment plans with students. We used to do these things, but people would try to avoid paying and we’d have to remove them from class – which was sad for everyone. We like being happy.

What’s the class refund policy?

After you register for a class and we have received your payment there are NO REFUNDS. Please consider your calendar, and ask any questions you have about the class (by contacting us), before you register.

Is it possible to transfer from one class to another?

We do not allow students to transfer between classes.

What if I miss a class? Are there makeups?

Since PHIT is a small school at the moment it is unlikely there will be a class of the same level offered at a different time to allow for a makeup. If a class of the same level is being offered at another time we will try to arrange for a makeup, but we make no guarantees (allowing an extra student into class is always left to the discretion of the teacher, who can say no). Generally, don’t miss class.

What’s the school’s policy on snow days?

PHIT loves snow, but we always say that forgetting how bad it can be when we want to have class and our students can’t make it. Sometimes our winter classes have to be cancelled when we get a heavy snow fall – in these cases a makeup class is added, on the same day of the week and time as the class normally meets and one week after class normally ends.

We’ll ask for a phone number on the first day of class so that if we ever do cancel class, you’ll get an email and a call.