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What are the changes to the content of the Core curriculum?
While our old curriculums included learning the Harold within the 101-401 structure, our new 101-401 structure expands our scene work practice and focuses on improv skills, rather than improv form. You’ll still be just as capable to tackle a Harold when you finish 401 with your skillset, you just will not have learned the form itself yet.

Why are these changes happening?
We are making these changes in response to a lot of consistent feedback we’ve received from students and instructors. While we think our old 101-401 curriculums were very comprehensive, we also recognize that they can be pretty dense, and it can be overwhelming to students. Our goal with the new curriculums is to not only introduce topics to students, but also make sure there is enough time to practice them so students feel confident in executing the skill.

Another big reason we are making this change is because of the awesome changes and improvements to the artistic side of the theater. The show opportunities and auditions are not just our Harold night auditions, but instead, we have a lot of opportunities for students to become regular performers in all different shows and forms. We want every 401 grad to feel confident in the full improv tool belt as they enter these various auditions.

What do I do if I want to learn the Harold?
We will still have a Harold class, but that will now be a part of our Conservatory level! 401 grads will be eligible to sign up for Conservatory level classes, which will include the Harold class as well as the addition of other forms and an  Advanced Harold class later in 2019.

Are the lengths of the classes still the same?
For the most part, yes! All classes will still run eight weeks with a class show. Improv 101 will remain 2 hours, Improv 201 will remain two and a half hours, Improv 301 will now be two and a half hours, and Improv 401 will still be 3 hours. Our new Conservatory level classes will be three hours with two class shows, one between Week 7 and Week 8, and one after Week 8.

Does this mean audition prerequisites will change?
Nope! When you graduate the new 401 class, you will have the same number of skills as you would in our old 401. Our goal is not to make our students take more classes before becoming a performer, but rather, we want our students to feel as ready and confident as possible on basic and complex improv skills when they leave 401.

I graduated Improv 401 in 2018. Does that mean I need to take the new Harold class?
You do not have to take it, but you are more than welcome to do so. 401 grads would also be welcome to take the new 201, 301 or 401. These will all have some level of review, but they will also go more in depth into each concept.

I graduated Improv 301 in 2018. Does that mean I need to take the new 401?
No, Improv 301 students who completed their class by the end of the year in 2018 have permission to immediately move into the Harold class if they would like. You are also more than welcome to take the new 401, where you will have expanded discussion and practice around some concepts you’ve been introduced to in 201 and 301.

I graduated Improv 201 in 2018. Does that mean I need to take the new 301?
Yes, Improv 201 graduates from any session will still need to take the new 301. While there may be some review, a lot of the material will be new and necessary as you continue to move forward in the curriculum.


What are the new Focus classes?
Focus classes are shorter, 4-week, 90 minute classes that welcome students  with differing levels of improv experience.

Spontaneity: This class is geared toward the improv beginner looking to try something new and get out of their comfort zone while laughing and learning with new friends.

Relationship: This class is geared toward the Spontaneity grads and any student in PHIT’s core curriculum who is looking for extra practice bringing emotional weight and established relationships to their scenes.

Character: This class is geared toward the Spontaneity grads and any student in PHIT’s core curriculum who is looking to expand their character creation in their scene work. This class will offer the many ways you can create a character and how you can make them as real as possible.

Environment: This class is geared toward the Spontaneity grads and any student in PHIT’s core curriculum who wants to practice filling out their environment and using object work to its fullest potential.

If I’m in a Core Curriculum class, can I take a Focus class simultaneously?
Yes! As long as you have either completed Improv 101 or Spontaneity, you are welcome to take a Focus course and a Core course at the same time.

If I have taken a focus class, can I jump ahead in the Core Curriculum?
If you’ve completed the 4 Focus classes (Spontaneity, Relationship, Character, Environment), you can enter the Core Curriculum at the Improv 201 level.


I have more questions about these changes. Who can I ask?
Feel free to email with any questions that were not answered in this FAQ!





    How do I do a make-up if I am going to miss my class?
    You can read through our make-up procedure and submit a make-up request form HERE!


    I want to sign up for Improv Practice Groups! Where do I do that?
    You can sign up right over HERE!


    How do I get involved on stage?
    There’s so many ways to do that, we gave it its own page on the website HERE!


    I lost my Student Card! What do I do?
    Shoot an email to and we will get it all figured out!


    I have a question about enrollment, payment, policies, or other general Training Center concerns, who do I email?
    Shoot us an email at and we will help you out!


    Where do I find info about Diversity Scholarships?
    You can read all about them right HERE!


    Volunteering at the theater sounds awesome! How do I do it?
    First of all, you are absolutely right! And second of all, find the info you’re after right HERE!


    Where is the PHIT Training Center Group on Facebook? How do I join?
    Log on Facebook and ask to join right HERE!


    I have another question that’s not answered here! Where can I get the answer?
    Check out our Training Center Student Handbook to see if your answer is in there. If not, email and we will help you out!