Announcing the Black Friday Comedy Marathon 2014!

GregMaughan_smallPhilly Improv Theater is very excited to announce our plans for the longest comedy marathon in Philadelphia history next month as part of the City Spotlight series in Comedy Month. The Black Friday Comedy Marathon will start at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 28th (just as those door-buster sales at the big box stores are ending) and continue without interruption until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 29th. The entire 36-hours will be hosted by indie comedy darlings Hey, We’re Cool! and will feature improv, sketch, stand-up, storytelling, and variety comedy acts from across the vibrant Philly comedy community and around the country. Acts can submit now by visiting the marathon website at There is no cost to acts or individual performers to submit or participate.


We’re also proud to announce that PHIT will work with Center City small businesses as part of the marathon to offer free admission to audience members who shop at a partner business beginning the Monday of Thanksgiving week (11/24) through Small Business Saturday (11/29). Small businesses should also visit BFCM 2014 Website for information on how to become part of this effort by PHIT to support efforts to buy local during the busy holiday shopping season. Once again, there is no cost to local small businesses to participate in the free admission promotion.

Now go circle those dates on your calendar and start letting us know you want to be involved!

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Meet the New Directors for Our Fall 2014 House Teams – Part 2

This fall PHIT will be casting some of the best comedic talent in the city to become a part of three new improv house teams joining our already stellar line up of ensembles. To helm these new teams, PHIT’s Artistic Team approached three talented company members. This week we will officially introduce them and get to know their feelings about being PHIT’s newest house team directors.

Today we are proud to introduce our second new house team director: Adam Siry!

Adam is a member of PHIT house teams The Flat Earth and Outside Voices, as well as independent team Kid Twist and the family-friendly show StoryUP!. He was a cast member of memorable special projects Dark Comedy, Myths and Monsters, and The Bat, and also directed the 2013 FRINGE project Reasonable Doubt with fellow PHIT company member Meredith Weir.

We asked Adam his thoughts about being tapped for a directing position:

I was very excited, and vaguely terrified, to be asked to direct one of the new teams. When I was a kid I dreamed of leading a team of sardonic robots as we explored deep space and defeated our enemies, and this is truly the next best thing. I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of talented people over the last four years who have helped me look good on stage, and I hope I can do half as much to help my new team.

Audition will be held on Saturday October 18th from 10AM to 4PM and are quickly filling up! If you are interested in auditioning, click here to read the requirements and reserve your spot today!

Keep an eye out for our final director post this Friday!

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Meet the New Directors for Our Fall 2014 House Teams – Part 1

This fall PHIT will be casting some of the best comedic talent in the city to become a part of three new improv house teams joining our already stellar line up of ensembles. To helm these new teams, PHIT’s Artistic Team approached three talented company members. This week we will officially introduce them and get to know their feelings about being PHIT’s newest house team directors.

Today we are proud to introduce our first new house team director: Meredith Weir!MeredithWeirSmall

Meredith is a member of PHIT house team Big Baby, Sunday night favorite The SHAM (soon to be DETENTION), and is PHIT’s Volunteer Coordinator. She is also a member of some notable independent teams like Chaperone, Kid Twist, and Gaper Delay. Meredith also directed the 2013 FRINGE project Reasonable Doubt with fellow PHIT company member Adam Siry.

We asked Meredith her thoughts about being tapped for a directing position:

I was honored to be asked  to direct one of the new house teams. There is so much comedic talent all over this city,  I can’t wait for the audition process.  It will be very difficult to choose a team, but I know at the end of the day, I get to start a new improv family and that’s really exciting!

Audition will be held on Saturday October 18th from 10AM to 4PM and are quickly filling up! If you are interested in auditioning, click here to read the requirements and reserve your spot today!

Keep an eye out for our next two directors posts this week!

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STAY DEAD!: An Improvised Horror Comedy is coming to PHIT for Halloween!

STAY DEAD!: An Improvised Horror Comedy is the latest in a four-year tradition 4x6StayDeadPostCardof frightfully good Halloween shows from PHIT. Following the success of retired PHIT House Team Asteroid! and their hit B-Movie, director Mike Marbach and a brand new talented cast of comedic performers will use horror film tropes to craft a one of a kind creepy horror movie made up on the spot!

It’s good to be involved in a Halloween project again. After directing Asteroid!’s improvised horror show (B-Movie) for 3 years and having so much fun with such a successful project, I jumped at the chance to direct this new show. The cast is a great mix of talent from the improv community and has put a lot of time and effort into making this a show not to be missed this October.
-Mike Marbach, Director

Brendan Kingston, member of PHIT House Team Sabotage, pitched the idea for the show and is looking forward to a successful run.

I love horror movies, the crazier the better. There’s something about horror that’s both terrifying and absurd, so you can scream or laugh, or ideally both. I also love the improv form The Movie–getting to put together an entire improvised movie with my indie team Demonikus Rex this summer was one of the most fun performances I’ve ever been a part of. Since June I’ve been talking about putting together a horror movie themed improv show for Halloween. I was thrilled Mike Marbach was interested in directing the show, and in helping put together an excellent varied cast. I’m really excited to take the diabolical energy of some of these classic horror movies and bring it to the PHIT stage.
– Brendan Kingston

Be sure to check out STAY DEAD! during its Halloween run at PHIT!
Click a date for tickets.
Friday, October 24 – 11:59PM
Saturday, October 25 – 11:59PM
Thursday, October 30 – 7:30PM
Friday, October 31 – 7:30PM
Friday, October 31 – 11:59PM
Saturday, November 1 – 11:59PM

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Welcome our October Launch Pad Team: Office Hours!

PHIT’s Launch Pad program started off with a bang in September office hours - 180x180with inaugural team Bad Kitten, and now continues into October with Office Hours! This team is filled with a great mix of talented performers, including a couple PHIT house team members and Dynamite Series regulars. The theater has chosen PHIT company member and Volunteer Coordinator Meredith Weir (PHIT House Team Big Baby, Detention, Chaperone) as their Launch Pad coach to help them achieve their goals. You can follow Launch Pad on our Facebook page, and check out Office Hours on their Facebook page.

Look for the team to have their run of shows Wednesdays in October!

Wednesday, October 01 – 7:30PM
Wednesday, October 08 – 7:30PM
Wednesday, October 15 – 7:30PM
Wednesday, October 22 – 7:30PM
Wednesday, October 29 – 7:30PM

Learn more about our Launch Pad program and apply by clicking here!

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Save the Date: PHIT Improv House Team Auditions Saturday October 18, 2014!

Philly Improv Theater continues the search for the city’s best and brightest comedic RalphSmallperformers for our newest improv house teams! PHIT House Teams are professional ensembles cast and managed by the theater that reflect our over-arching vision and stand as a showcase for students in our exemplary comedy training center. These teams are also provided with a talented, knowledgeable director, given regular rehearsal and stage times (as well as many other benefits) at no cost.

First round auditions will take place on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 between 10am – 4:30pm. Callbacks will be held on Sunday, October 19th from 11am – 2pm. Please hold both of these dates if you are interested in being cast!

Auditions will be held at Philly Improv Theater @ The Adrienne Theatre, 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Auditioners must have completed or currently be taking Improv 301 at PHIT by the date of their audition. Those auditioning who have completed PHIT Improv Level 301 longer than a calendar year ago will be considered on an individual basis.

You must be available for the audition times to be considered. No other audition times are available.

Auditioners will be seen every 30 minutes in groups of 6-10. Auditioners do not need to prepare anything in advance. The audition will be entirely improvised. You will be asked to participate in a few short group exercises and will then perform two short scenes.

Auditioners should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Resumes are not required but will gladly be accepted. Please bring a professional head shot with you. If you don’t have head shots, a recent high quality photo will suffice.

PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST FIFTEEN (15) MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED AUDITION TIME. There will be a short questionnaire for you to complete prior to your scheduled audition time.

Sign-ups begin immediately. To secure an audition time please email your name, phone number, prior class experience and instructors, along with any preferred time (if available) to:

You will receive a confirmation message within two (2) business days – for example, if you contact us on Monday you’ll hear from us by Wednesday, or if you contact us on Friday, you’ll hear from us by the following Tuesday). We will accept sign-ups until no audition times remain. All specific audition times are first-come-first-served.

There are no alternate times. If you are not available for these audition dates and times, please do not email or call to ask for an exception – you simply will not be able to audition. If you are interested in auditioning, you must sign-up for one of our announced time slots.

Send us an email (get our email address from the contact page of the site or the paragraphs above)

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PHIT Welcomes Matt& as a Local Exclusive to the Dynamite Series

The Dynamite Series @ PHIT has slowly become THE place in Philadelphia to see long-run, innovative, boundary-pushing comedy projects. From shows that connect comedy with local playwrights and college professors, to mixes of absurdist theater and improv, to shows that boast multi-generational casts, these projects showcase amazing talent in amazing shows. The newest addition to the Series is no exception.

Philly Improv Theater is proud to welcome Matt Holmes and his nationally renown mattholmesheadshotshow Matt& to our stage as part of the Dynamite Series. Matt& showcases Matt’s comedic brilliance as he welcomes a random audience member who has never performed improv before on stage with him to put on a fully improvised show. These shows are a favorite for audiences and performers alike, and are guaranteed to be an impressive addition to an already stellar line up.

Ralph Andracchio, PHIT’s Artistic Director and curator of the Dynamite Series is excited about Matt&’s inclusion. “With the addition of Matt&, the Dynamite Series continues its reputation of bringing boundary-pushing, innovative comedy shows to Philly. I’m looking forward to working with Matt to give his show a home where he can explore and grow on a professional stage.”

Matt is also excited about this new chapter. “It’s great to have this partnership with PHIT for these shows in September and the first Thursday of each month. The audiences at their new space have been wonderfully enthusiastic, and I can’t wait to play with them.
I’ve taken Matt& on tour around the country for the past five years, but I’m really excited about doing a Philly show every month.
I think people will really have a blast seeing somebody they brought to the show on stage.”

Matt& will debut as a part of the Dynamite Series with a run of shows September 11, 12, 18, and 19. All shows are at 7:30pm. The show will settle into a permanent slot Thursdays at 7:30pm in October. Tickets are available online.

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PHIT Welcomes Cambridge Footlights International Tour Show 2014: Real Feelings

Philly Improv Theater is excited to welcome back international sketch comedy powerhouseCambridgeFootlights2014 Cambridge Footlights as they stop in Philly on their 2014 international tour “Real Feelings”. The Footlights have visited PHIT many times in the past, most recently for the 2013 FRINGE Festival with their show “Canada”.

Cambridge Footlights is the most renowned student comedy group in the United Kingdom and have launched the careers of a long list of internationally-renowned comedic talents, producing household names like John Cleese (Monty Python), Hugh Laurie (House) and Emma Thompson (Love Actually) while continuing to nurture exciting new performers like Mitchell and Webb (Peep Show) and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat).

Advance tickets available.

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The SHAM is Heading to DETENTION!

For Philly Improv Theater students and fans alike, The SHAM has been a popular part of MeredithWeirSmallour SUPER FREE SUNDAY line-up along with our student-friendly show The Dean’s List. The PHIT company members, directors, and instructors that make up the cast have been putting out some amazing work – but much like Doctor Who, The SHAM has reached the point in its life where it needs to regenerate into something new and wonderful. This Sunday August 31st, The SHAM will have their last show before the cast disappears during September to practice for their new incarnation: The Sunday Night Slackers. Their new show, debuting on October 5th will be DETENTION! and will continue to follow The Dean’s List. They’ll focus on The Slacker, a fast paced, tag-out heavy form that will be super fun to watch with a rotating cast of 6-8 players:

Becca Trabin
Brian Rumble
Dave Sucharski
Erin Pitts
Fred Brown
Joel Thomas
Kevin Pettit
Kristen Schier
Max Sittenfeild
Meredith Weir
Nick Gillette
Rob Alesiani
Steve Kleinedler

In addition to the regular cast, DETENTION! will also feature special out-of-town guests when the opportunity arises. Don’t miss the last show on Sunday August 31st before the break!

-Meredith Weir
PHIT Volunteer Coordinator and member of The SHAM.

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It’s hard to believe that we are already enrolling for our final class session of the year. MikeMarbachSmallSince we’ve started our class session system back in January we’ve seen nothing but positive results. PHIT has always been a theater that strives to create a community feel for its students, performers, and its audience and the sessions system combined with improv practice groups and shows like Iron Sketch has only strengthened this feeling. Students have many ways to meet new people, practice what they’ve learned, and forge connections to people they want to improvise with or write with. They are seeing more shows and as a result their understanding of class concepts sinks in that much faster and they get that much better. With every class they prove why PHIT is the top comedy training center in the Philadelphia area- and recently named one of the top 20 comedy schools in the world!
Fall Session classes are now online and ready to enroll! We are running a special “Back to School” sale from now through Monday, August 25th at noon. All improv 101 and sketch writing 101 classes are only $199! That’s $100 off the full enrollment cost! And you still get all the same perks:

– Student Pass that gets you into all PHIT shows for FREE!
– Access to improv practice groups that double your improv training time for FREE!
– A graduation show you can invite friends, family and even strangers to see!
– The chance to study with multiple instructors within a session!
– Opportunities to perform as soon as your first week in class!
– Access to exclusive PHIT workshops and electives.
– Lots and lots of new friends! (Individual results may vary)

​In addition to helping you with public speaking, strengthening your acting and writing skills, thinking more on your feet, and countless other things… improv is a great release. For several hours a week you are around people that want nothing more than to see you succeed. You are surrounded by fun, supportive people that make you laugh and you make laugh in return. I hope you’ll consider signing up for one of our upcoming 101 classes.

Holly LaurentjetevelethWe’ve also got great things in store for returning students and our comedy loving audience. The weekend of October 4th will be one to be reckoned with as PHIT welcomes Jet Eveleth and Holly Laurent! Jet & Holly are nationally known performers for many reasons. Not the least of which is the two being members of what is arguably the best improv team around- The Reckoning. Both have created great names for themselves over the years. Jet tours the country performing with the likes of 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit and SNL’s Paul Britain and was recently cast in an upcoming NBC Sketch Show to premiere soon! Holly is an alumni of the Second City Mainstage where she wrote and performed in three critically acclaimed revues. Both will be in town for a full weekend of shows and workshops covering both improv and sketch comedy. This is a weekend of comedy performance and training that is NOT to be missed!

​As the Education Director I take the growth of every student that comes through our training center very seriously. I attend and instruct practice groups. I sit in on classes. I see class shows. I adjust our curriculum as needed and that last part is needed more and more, because our students are getting better and better. What PHIT is doing right now helping to fuel the creative growth of not just our theater, but the entire Philly comedy community and beyond. Our alumni are traveling around the United States and beginning to make great names for themselves. It’s only a matter of time before some of those names are more widely known. Take a look at our upcoming class schedule, sign up for a class and you’ll see pretty quickly what I’m talking about.

​Thank you to all students, staff, performers and audience members for everything you do.​

Mike Marbach
PHIT Education Director


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PHIT Launches Original Dynamite Series Project: Dirty Laundry!

The Dynamite Series @ PHIT is excited to announce a brand new show specifically produced for the series: Dirty Laundry!

This show, created and directed by Steve Kleinedler, is a comedic exploration of the day-to-day life of a typical Philadelphia family. Touting a diverse cast (Kelly Jo Little, Rick Horner, Molly Scullion, David Donnella, Susan LaPalombara, Mary Eklund) that spans not only experience levels but age ranges, Dirty Laundry will be a unique and engaging improvised show that can’t be seen anywhere else but on the Philly Improv Theater stage.

SteveKleinedlerSmall“It’s a pleasure to work with such gifted comedic actors. In improv it’s possible to be any character at all no matter what age you are. But watching actors in their 40s and 50s playing alongside actors in their teens and 20s create an utterly believable, heartwarming, and truly funny extended family is a unique treat. This is a great show for audiences of all ages.” -Steve Kleinedler, Director.

Dirty Laundry will premiere with a run of shows in September and then settle into a regular slot the first Saturday of each month. Visit the show’s Facebook page to read more about the show and grab your tickets!

Show Dates:
Thursday September 4 @ 7:30PM
Friday September 5 @ 7:30PM
Saturday September 6 @ 7:30PM
Sunday September 7 @ 1:30PM

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PHIT Announces the First Launch Pad Team: Bad Kitten!

Philly Improv Theater is proud to announce the inaugural Launch Pad team, Bad Kitten! Copyright Lindsay Docherty Photography http://www.lindsaydocherty.comThis team has been blowing up on the local improv comedy scene and has made a lasting impression in other cities. Already a talented group of performers, the theater has paired them with PHIT company member Raja Rajanathan (This is Your Captain) as their Launch Pad coach to help them realize more of their artistic goals. You can follow Launch Pad on our Facebook page, and check out Bad Kitten on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Look for the team to have their four week run of shows Wednesdays in September!

Wednesday, September 03 – 7:30PM
Wednesday, September 10 – 7:30PM
Wednesday, September 17 – 7:30PM
Wednesday, September 24 – 7:30PM

Learn more about our Launch Pad program and apply by clicking here!

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PHIT Student TransparentRegistration for our late summer classes and workshops is coming to a close, but you still have a chance to register for a class. So if you wanted to start or continue your journey into comedy or just make new friends who share a love of laughter now is the time to do it. Enrolling in an 8 week class also includes:

  • PHIT Student Pass that gets you into all PHIT shows for FREE!
  • Access to improv practice groups that doubles your training for FREE!
  • A graduation show you can invite friends, family and strangers to see!
  • Opportunities to perform as soon as your first week in class!
  • Access to exclusive PHIT workshops and electives.
  • Lots of new friends! (Individual results may vary)

If you aren’t sure about committing to a full class, you can sign up for one of our FREE (yes, zero dollars) Intro To Improv Workshops. You’ll learn the basic improv concept of “Yes, and..” and discover how much fun taking a comedy class at PHIT can be! This two-hour workshop mimics the curriculum we teach in the very first week of our Improv 101 class and it gives you the chance to “try before you buy” with some low-commitment fun that doesn’t involve picking someone up at a bar. The free workshop sessions fill up really fast, so don’t hesitate to sign up for a spot now!

We’re also in the middle of @PHITComedy Weeek! A week every couple months where we try to reach out to people that might not know we exist. Up until you landed on this page you might have been one of those people. Now that you found us we’d like to keep you updated on everything we do! You can follow @PHITcomedy on Twitter and like us on Facebook at PHITComedy. You’ll get updates on classes, shows and more. If you have a moment and want to help get the word we’d love for you to share that information with others.

Thanks for your interest in PHIT. We hope to see you around the theater or in a class soon!

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New Role at PHIT for Corin Wells, PHIT Seeking New Class Registrar

CorinWells_color(small)Corin Wells, our Class Registrar for close to two years is taking on a new role coordinating extra-curricular activities for the theater and the Training Center (i.e. arranging parties, group comedy outings, and other special events). “Over the last few years as the Training Center has grown exponentially, I have always wanted more opportunities for students to mix and mingle with each other,” said PHIT’s founder and Executive Director Greg Maughan. “I’m really excited that Corin has decided to take this on, and I can’t wait for her name to become synonymous with partying – just like Miley CyrusP!nk, or Oingo Bongo.” Look for more social events as a result of Corin’s help starting in the Training Center’s fall session later this year.

Corin’s new role also means that PHIT is now searching for a new Class Registrar. If you are interested in helping out at the theater in a big way, want to be more involved in the life of the theater, and have the time to volunteer we want to hear from you! Anyone intersted in filling this important volunteer position at the theater can email with the subject line “Class Registrar” and include a cover letter and resumes as attachments to their message. The theater will accept applications on a rolling basis until a good candidate is found. For more information about the role, please read the full description of the position below:



This volunteer reports to the PHIT Education Director and is also answerable to the PHIT Executive Director. The Class Registrar consults with the the Executive Director, Education Director, and PHIT Instructors.


The class registrar ensures the smooth day-to-day operation of the PHIT Training Center for student/customers by: reviewing email to the main account for the PHIT Training Center, confirming payments received, maintaining the accuracy of class registration lists, handling make-up class scheduling, organizing the collection of student feedback, and assisting the Education Director with maintenance of the PHIT Student Database.

15 hours per week during general enrollment periods, some of which must be time in the PHIT office during normal business hours. Full day in office with Education Director once each session.

6 months. Continuing for additional periods of six months is allowed and encouraged, and one month notice is requested as a courtesy for leaving position. The Class Registrar cannot serve for a period of time greater than 2 years.


  • A minimum of 1-2 hours of free-time each day for duties (including weekends).
  • Availability to work two four hour shifts in the office each week (monday through friday) between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. working with the Education Director.
  • Availability to work in the office from 11am – 5pm with the Education Director on the Friday before each session starts.
  • Attendance at scheduled executive team meetings, training center meetings and company meetings throughout the year.
  • Ability to handle access to sensitive information in a trustworthy, responsible way.
  • Access and availability to check inbox at any time to handle time-sensitive emails appropriately (including nights and weekends.)
  • Ability to be a good representative of and for the theater.
  • Ability to work at steady pace (instead of sporadic, large chunks of time).
  • Attention to detail and ability to see processes through to on-time completion.
  • Professional but friendly tone over email and phone.

As a volunteer position, the Class Registrar does not receive any monetary compensation. In recognition of the dedication that being Class Registrar requires, the following compensation will be given:

  • Free admission to any show at PHIT (free admission to other shows PHIT presents or produces outside The Adrienne may be offered on a case-by-case basis).
  • For each term of 3 months served as Class Registrar, credit towards workshops and classes as follows:
    • 2 free workshops at PHIT (not to exceed $200), or
    • one free class at PHIT (not to exceed $299), or
    • $200 towards reimbursement for the cost of a comedy class outside of Philadelphia (or travel/lodging expenses associated with a class outside of Philadelphia) as approved in advance of registration by the Education Director.
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PHIT Supports Indie Improv Teams with Launch Pad!

Philly Improv Theater is excited to continue our support for a thriving independent comedy scene in Philly with a new opportunity for indie improv teams to receive free coaching, rehearsal space, stage time, artistic direction, business advice and marketing materials PHIT: Launch Pad.


Starting immediately, newly formed or pre-existing indie improv teams in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding metropolitan area will be able to submit an Application for Launch Pad. Selected teams will complete a three month development experience that starts with artistic, business and marketing meeting with PHIT staff in month one, continues with weekly free rehearsal space (on weekend mornings or afternoons) and coaching with coach chosen by PHIT work on artistic goals established in initial meetings, and concludes with a one month run of weekly shows opening House Team Harold Night at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

At the conclusion of their PHIT run teams will be able to make separate private arrangements to continue with their coach if they are interested, and will have been given the tools to try their hand at self-producing a comedy show elsewhere in the city with an understanding of approaching venues, budgeting and street marketing (with poster and postcard designs created for their team as part of Launch Pad).

Launch Pad comes about as the result of creative thinking, many months of meetings, and some creative budgeting at the theater by Greg Maughan (Founder and Executive Director), Ralph Andracchio (Artistic Director), and Kristen Schier (Improv Producer) with input and advice from many other individuals. “What’s cool about this opportunity for independent teams is that they may not have all these resources available to them or have the money or knowledge to put all these things together, but PHIT can use our years of experience to work with them and give them the tools to be successful as an indie act,” says PHIT Artistic Director Ralph Andracchio. “We’re the only theatre I know of that offers an opportunity like this to independent teams. It’s good for the team and it’s good for the city’s comedy scene in general.”

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New Show Alert! WildCard is coming this July!

Philly Improv Theater is excited to announce our newest show – adding an extra spark to the start of our Friday nights is an improv comedy show like no other: WildCard! Premiering Thursday July 3rd at 7:30 p.m. and then continuing every other FridayWildCardLogoWebsiteSmall beginning July 18th. Catch four acts in one hour on the PHIT stage, and the last group isn’t even chosen until the show has begun!

Hosted by Something Simple with Frank & Alex (Frank Farrell & Alex Gross), WildCard features top independent improv teams, experimental collaborations between PHIT’s top performers, and the opportunity for you to hand the hosts an idea before the show starts and perform it at the end of the night in the WildCard slot.

WildCard pitches can include anyone performing any kind of comedy. People who haven’t played together in the past are encouraged to form on-the-spot acts! Any group of potential performers can submit a pitch (with the name of their act, a one sentence description of what they’ll do, and the cast list) while they are waiting for the show to start. WildCard’s hosts review pitches after the first team takes the stage and select their favorite idea to whisk backstage for whirlwind 30 minute rehearsal before they premiere as the final act of the night.

AlexGross_color(small)“Frank and I are excited about this opportunity to bring more independent teams and whacky/crazy/weird one off shows onto PHIT’s stage. Get with friends, shoot ideas off each other and come prepared to bring it/watch it be brought!

If you have an independent team make sure to let me know so we can book you. If you don’t, find people to make one and hire a director/coach!” – Alex Gross

Have an independent improv team and would like to be booked into an advance slot on the show? Email!

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PHIT Student TransparentWe are now enrolling for our Late Summer Session! If you are new to improv or sketch writing NOW is the time to enroll. All Improv 101 and Sketch Writing 101 classes are only $249 through 7/25/14. That’s $50 off the full enrollment cost! Enrolling in a class also gets you a student pass that gets you into PHIT shows for FREE during the run of the class! So if you want to start your journey into the comedy or know someone that should – or just want to make new friends this summer who share a love of laughter-enroll now!

Partial payment plans are available! Simply place a non-refundable $150 deposit by July 7th, 2014,  and pay the balance of $149 by July 25th, 2014. Sale prices and payment plans are not able to be combined.

If you aren’t sure about committing to a full class, register for one of our FREE Intro to Improv Comedy Classes! Students will get a sampling of what our Improv 101 course covers and discover how much fun they could have taking a comedy class at PHIT! This two-hour class gives cautious students the chance to “try before you buy” and eases you into improv by offering you a chance to enjoy some low-commitment, high-support fun. Click on the below classes link and you see several options to choose from. Bring friends and make a FREE afternoon/night of it!

Just added to the Early Summer session is a great workshop with Luke Giordano covering the business of Writing for Television and what you need to know about the process of becoming a TV staff writer.

If you’re a returning improv student then you’ll definitely be interested in this. Kristen Schier and Steve Kleinedler are doing the “Acting & Improvising: A Tour of Theatrical Styles” elective again this summer. Work your acting and improv muscles separately and together in this awesome workshop covering several different theater styles. There’s more workshop announcements coming soon!

We’ve just added Fred Brown (PHIT House Team “The Future”) and Tara Demmy (PHIT House Team “Dr. Sleepover”) to our teaching staff! Both have Improv 101 classes now enrolling. If you’ve seen either perform then you know you are in for a treat in their classes. We also have two returning instructors! After a few sessions off, Corin Wells picks up the chalk once again to instruct another great 101 class and Madonna Refugia will return to PHIT to teach her first Sketch 101 class in over a year.

With the best classes and instructors in the Philadelphia area, there’s really no better place to learn comedy. So, have some fun and make new friends by getting involved in a comedy class at PHIT this summer!

Mike Marbach
Education Director

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Please Welcome PHIT’s New Improv House Teams for 2014!

PHIT’s most recent audition process took place May 17 and May 19 to cast for two new RalphSmallWednesday House Teams that will premier in August. The talented performers that took part in the process were once again amazing, and both of our new directors had their work cut out for them deciding who would be cast on these teams. After some spirited deliberation and days of meetings and emails, we are thrilled to announce our new line ups. Please welcome Codename Amsterdam and Codename Barcelona to the PHIT family! There will be a lot of hard work for them between now and August, and we are all looking forward to the amazing shows I know these teams will put on. And as always we will find out their real team names at the premiere.

I would also like to thank each and every performer who came out to vie for a spot on the teams and didn’t get a call back. Please know that the audition process is tough, and was made that much tougher for the directors by all of the really talented performers that participated. Philadelphia has become such a vibrant comedy scene in the past few years, due in no small part to everyone who has stepped on stage to perform improv, sketch, or stand-up. You are what make not only the comedy scene in this city great, but make the city as a whole that much more wonderful. Remember Philly Improv Theater has many opportunities for performances, so keep an eye out for upcoming auditions and special projects that will need the support and participation of talented performers like you!

Ralph Andracchio, Artistic Director

Codename Amsterdam – Directed by Jessica Snow
Stuart Draper
Stephanie Drejerwski
Jamie Glasheen
Kevin Murphy
Ned Redmond
Mallory Rhodes
Kevin Ruth
Dave Sucharski
Richard Werner

Codename Barcelona – Directed by Bobby Lang
Whitney Harris
Cole Johnston
Sean Landis
Kayleigh Leggitt
Megan Marron
Max Scholnick
Andrew Sigwart
Peter Szekeres
Jacob Todd

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DUOFEST 2014 is Almost Here!

PHIT is extremely proud to present DUOFEST 2014! Since 2010, our theater has been DuoFestFacebookPhoto2014Vers4hosting the ONLY FESTIVAL in the country that is dedicated to comedic duos, and this year is going to be even bigger and better. Over 4 days (June 5th through 8th) we will be hosting duos from across North America who will play on our stage, present workshops, and most importantly have fun in the great city of Philadelphia!

The DUOFEST 2014 website is a great place to read more about all of this year’s participating duos, see workshop offerings, and purchase tickets. Our theater is also offering a great deal for comedy fans with our WEEKEND PASS! These passes will get you access to all of the shows in the festival at an unbelievable savings. But hurry! There is a limited quantity of Weekend Passes, and when they’re gone they’re GONE!

We hope everyone will join us for what’s going to be a fun and exciting weekend this June!

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Please Welcome Brian Rumble to the PHIT Directing Team!

PHIT is excited to announce Brian Rumble as our newest House Team director! Brian will BrianRumble_colorsmallbe stepping in to take the helm of Sabotage, one of our popular Wednesday Harold Teams. Sabotage was cast and previously directed by PHIT alum Jessica Ross, who has relocated to sunny Los Angeles to continue her comedy career.

Brian comes to our theater with a wealth of improv experience, most notably as a former member of PHIT House Team Davenger, current member of local improv duo Due Diligence, and director of the Figment Theater production “Note to Self”. Both Brian and Sabotage are excited about hitting the ground running and continuing to build on the solid foundation Jess and the team has built.

Please join us in giving Brian a warm welcome!

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