Bobby Lang

Bobby Lang is a member of the PHIT house team Dr. Sleepover. He has studied at PHIT under Mike Marbach, Jason Grimley, and Steve Kleinedler, at the Magnet Theater under Rick Andrews, Elana Fishbein, Peter McNerney and Armando Diaz, and at the Peoples Improv Theater under Leslie Collins and Kevin Cragg. He has also studied in numerous workshops under Eric Hunicutt, Zach Ward, Michael Delaney, and Christina Gausas.

Bobby began his improv journey in 2010 studying both short form and longform improvisation under Bill McLaughlin at Bucks County Community College. In 2011, he joined his first indie group, Deleted Scenes; a team comprised of six BCCC students that utilizes suggestions to create movies with the help of puppets. While attending BCCC, Deleted Scenes competed in and won the Mid-Atlantic Regional of the College Improv Tournament. They were the first team from a community college to ever win a regional.

Other projects Bobby has performed in include Day of the Mule, Goon, Self-Esteem Motivators, John Hughes High, Note to Self, Eleven, Hard Drive, . He also directs Witch Academy and the Temple University improv team Fowl Play.

Outside of improv, Bobby is studying theater at Temple University with aspirations of becoming a professional actor. He is also a musician and enjoys playing bass and mandolin. Bobby works at his family’s retail business, Lang’s Ski ‘N Scuba. He loves meeting new people so please say hi!

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