Live From PHIT’s Stage…

Bring the best of Philly Improv Theater to your event with an offering that feels even more like a night at our venue with one of the “Live from PHIT’s Stage…” shows. These performances aren’t just a collection of performers from the theater putting on a special show for your group – they are actual performances you would see if you came downtown for a night of laughs brought straight to your event!

 Maybe you’re already familiar with PHIT and know exactly what you would like for that special day or night of entertainment or perhaps you just want to be able to brag you got a private show and need some advice from our TourCo Director about what fits best with your plans. Either way, we’ve got a great list of options – all of which are below:


TV Party

Rob Baniewicz (Camp Woods) and Paul Triggiani (Secret Pants) used to watch a lot of television, but they don’t anymore, because most television is terrible. That doesn’t stop them from obsessing over programs from the past, especially shows that have been forgotten for a good reason. Join Rob, Paul, and special guests as they present lost and forgotten television shows from the annals of programming history, followed by a discussion on what we can learn from these programs, and why they (probably) sucked.


Guilty Pleasures

A truly unique comedy experience, Guilty Pleasures’ hosts Brendan Kennedy and Roger C. Snair find gold in cringe worthy writing by amateur scribes who got a little bit too eager to make their work public. Along with a cast of comedians Kennedy and Snair perform a live table read of terrible plays, poetry, and film scripts found on the internet and mine comedy from messages that are a little too on the nose, awful dialogue and overly specific stage directions.



Reasonable Discourse with Jerks
Have you ever wondered what comedians are like when they are hanging out in a group? Reasonable Discourse with Jerks brings you as close to that experience as you can possibly get, without the risk of having to become a comedian yourself. Host Jim Grammond moderates a comedic roundtable discussion of news, current events, pop culture, and strange but true stories with a panel of four that includes Philly’s top entertainers and notable or unique non-celebrities.


4 STORYTELLERS. 1 FIBBER. After swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, Philly’s most talented storytellers share their own personal, awkward, outrageous, gripping, and twisted experiences with the audience – but someone has made it all up. It’s the audience’s job to hear the stories, interrogate the performers with help from host Hillary Rea, and vote for the person whose pants they think are on fire.

Hey Everybody!
Hosted by Aaron Hertzog, Hey Everybody is a stand-up comedy showcase featuring sets from some of the best comedians in Philadelphia. Performers on the show have been featured on national television, tour comedy clubs around the country, and have been recognized by local media as the best talent in the burgeoning comedy scene. A traditional style comedy show featuring very nontraditional material from the hip and unique acts of Philly’s favorite alternative comedians.