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Philadelphia Improv Class
Improv Classes
Learn from the pros!
Learn how to think on your feet and create comedy out of thin air.
Sketch Classes
Learn from the pros!
Learn how to break down classic sketches and write your own original material.
Stand-Up Classes
Learn from the pros
Learn to conquer your fears of public speaking and make a few people laugh along the way
Acting Classes
Learn from the pros
Our dramatic acting classes explore basic skills fundamental to performance including: action, objectives, tactics, and script analysis.
Who We Are

Philly Improv Theater

What is Improv, Anyway?

Improvisational comedy, or improv for short, means everything that takes place on stage is made up on the spot by the performers - with absolutely no pre-scripting done ahead of time. Most shows rely on a suggestion from the audience to get started, guaranteeing no two shows are exactly - if anything - alike. There's always something new to see at PHIT, because every night is opening - and closing - night!

Philly Improv Theater is the heart of Philadelphia’s nationally recognized comedy scene. PHIT's performers tour the country - regularly making appearances at the most prestigious comedy venues across North America.

Notable alumni of PHIT’s stages have worked on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, 30 Rock, Two and Half Men, Raising Hope, Key & Peele, Kroll Show, The State, Girl Code, Guy Code, Orange is the New Black, and The Kids in the Hall.


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