16 New Players Join the Harold Program!

After a fantastic round of auditions, Philly Improv Theater will welcome 16 new players into the Harold Team program, including a brand new team. Be sure come out on a Thursday night to see these teams in action!

See the casts of the Harold teams below, followed by their respective directors (new additions denoted with asterisks):


Christy Devlin*
Claire Rosen
Colin Mallee
Julie Fosco
Justen Katzman
Kate Fruhman
Nick Connors
Paolo Ozaraga
Ronnie Clarkson*

Directed by Olivia Kram


Isabel Beck-Roe
Josh Searle*
Katie Hewko-Dykes
Kiran Pandey
Megan Sanders
Renata Rabinovich*
Samuel Miller
Sean Parker
Will Crowley

Directed by Alex Braslavsky


Abby Barringer*
Jillian Hartman
Jai Nimgaonkar*
Liam Doughtery
Michael Rugnetta
Sofya Piro
Sam Dillavou*
Tom Lipski
Victoria Tellez

Directed by Emma Needleman*

Team Bravo (tentative name)

Akudo Ejelonu*
Emily Murphy*
Jesse Freeman*
Joe Wendrychowicz*
Kelso Blaze*
Laura Skorina*
Luis Berrios-Hayden*
Megan Colombo*
Michael Savitski*

Directed by Nick Elmer*

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