Announcing auditions for PHIT’s Harold Team program! January 21, 22, and 24.

We are thrilled to announce auditions for our next cycle of the Harold Team program!

Please take a moment to review our Harold Team Expectations document to get a sense of the program’s objectives and how it works. Harold Teams perform on a rotating basis on Harold Night – Thursdays with curtains at 8:00 PM, so players must have good availability for those shows (as well as a recurring weekly rehearsal with their team). These auditions are for the rehearsal/performance cycle from February through May 2023.

For this round of auditions, we are setting eligibility at completing at least Improv 201 at PHIT, or having commensurate training and/or performance experience. Audition eligibility for people with these circumstances will be confirmed on a case-by-case basis.

Below are some general FAQs:

How often will these auditions be held?

Harold team auditions will typically take place towards the end of each cycle (every 4 months), so the next round will take place some time in May.

The creation of new teams will be dependent on the number of roster spots available on existing teams (from players leaving the program) combined with the capacity we have to expand.

Who monitors auditions?

Typically, the artistic director along with present and future Harold Team coaches. We may also invite other PHIT instructors/members of the community to help with the casting process.

How do coaching fees work?

Fees are $55, paid monthly through Square. You can set up a recurring charge so you will be automatically charged. When you are placed on a Harold Team, you will receive more direction on how to pay these fees, which directly offset the costs of coaching and rental space. If you need to discuss the coaching fees payment, please contact PHIT’s artistic director.

If you’ve reviewed everything and you are interested in committing to the program, you can SIGN UP HERE for an audition slot.

If you have any questions, please contact Derek Hayes at

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