Announcing the Casts of Codename Dragonstone and Codename Mormont!

This past weekend we held auditions to cast our two new improv teams which will debut this summer. We saw nearly 100 fantastic performers and our directors, Courtney Farrell and Jimmy Wyatt, had one heck of a time cutting things down to size. Every audition these decisions get tougher as the performers continue to get better and better. At this time we are thrilled to announce the casts of Codename Dragonstone and Codename Mormont!


Jayne Boccella-Perras
Nick Connors
Matt Garren
Olivia Kram
Mariah Min
Joe Moore
Andy Moskowitz
Julia Owens
Victor Tran
Kevin Zakszewski

Directed by Courtney Farrell


Lauren Cantell
Ronnie Clarkson
Joseph Gates
Nicky Knepp
Colin Mallee
Tanya Morgan
Siobhan O’Hara
Paul Richards
Emily Yonker

Directed by Jimmy Wyatt

Mark your calendars for July 24th. That’s the date these two new teams will debut their spin on the most famous of improv formats  – The Harold! Thanks again to all who auditioned this weekend. There was so much talent on display. We will have other auditions and hope to see you all again!

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