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These two hour introductory workshops give students the chance to “try before you buy”, by sampling some of the things you'll do in an 8 week acting course at PHIT. You'll learn the basics of acting technique, explore a bit of character study, and dive into some cold scene work.

These workshops are perfect for people of all experience levels. You do not need to have prior experience. PHIT has students from all walks of life and all ages. We have people that are looking to pursue acting, but we have also had students that were just looking to meet new people, try something new, or simply have fun for two hours. There is no commitment here to register for a full class, only come in ready to explore the art of pretending to be another person.

8 WEEK CLASSES INCLUDE: A student pass for FREE ADMISSION to shows at PHIT! Access to Improv Practice Groups! The Graduation Show for family and friends! And more!
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