Philly Improv Theater Training Center Diversity Program Scholarship Application

Philly Improv Theater seeks to create an environment which is supportive and welcoming to all people and reflects the experiences of the greater community in which we live. To achieve this goal we are working to increase representation in classes at our Training Center of historically marginalized communities, including:

  • People of Color
  • People 40 years of age or older
  • Members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including people who are gender non-conforming, and people who are outside the gender binary
  • Women
  • People with physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities
  • People who are active duty military service members or military veterans

PHIT recognizes that the cost of our classes can pose a barrier to entry for members of our identified diversity groups. In an effort to overcome this barrier, PHIT will award a total of 30 scholarships to study at our Training Center in each of our five class sessions throughout the year. Limited travel scholarships are also available on a no questions asked, first-come basis for students who inform the Diversity Coordinator that they face financial difficulty traveling to and from the location of their class that would prevent them from participating.

PHIT’s Diversity Scholarships are not explicitly need based and are open to any persons who fall into one of our identified diversity groups. However, we do ask that applicants be mindful of their need when considering submitting an application so that those scholarships we award can be given to students who might not otherwise be able to benefit from our classes without support from the theater. The PHIT Diversity Scholarship cannot be exchanged for money (i.e. if you have already signed up for a class, you can’t apply the scholarship and get a refund on your payment). If you receive a PHIT Diversity Scholarship and are unable to use it, you may defer your enrollment once to the next class session, after which the credit will expire.