Anonymous Community Feedback Form

Philly Improv Theater seeks to make each person who enters our space feel safe, welcomed and respected.

Please use this form to share and voice experiences (positive or negative), concerns, suggestions, etc. that you wish to be brought to light. Submissions through this anonymous community feedback form will be received by staff and our outside human resources consultant. The information received will serve to make a safer and more secure experience for our community when working with or visiting PHIT. These submissions will be shared with Philly Improv Theater’s staff and outside consultants working to address issues of inclusion, equity, and diversity. None of the information provided will be made public.

Please note, if you would like to speak personally about an experience, we encourage you to reach out by emailing If you would like a direct response to know how we are handling your submission, please include your name and email on this form – though this is NOT required.

Thank you for sharing your response. Your generosity will make for a safer, stronger Philly Improv Theater.