The Fringe Festival, presented by FringeArts, is a city-wide celebration of innovation and creativity that takes place every September. This vast assemblage of curated and self-produced innovators offers an unparalleled opportunity to see a cross section of the world’s greatest experimenters at one time, in one city.

Once again, Philly Improv Theater is proud to be a part of the Fringe Festival, producing nine distinct comedic acts. From musicals to sketch comedy, there’s something for everyone this September at PHIT. Fringe Festival is a not-to-be-missed event. Tickets available now!


In Clear Springs, the mayor’s daughter is found dead, hit by a train. The local police accuse Ivo Talaka, a recent immigrant from Villainia, of her murder. During Ivo’s explosive trial, the prosecution and defense debate ideas of law, order, justice, and what it means to be a true American. $15 / 80 minutes

Song of My Self-Care

Be Hot Now. A workout for your abs and existential dread. Based on a long-lost self-help health-and-beauty book by Walt Whitman. Featuring theology, poetry, and original electro-pop music. Led by Jimmy Grzelak, veteran artist of U.S. and Canadian fringe festivals and “winningly offbeat imagination” (Washington Post). $15 / 60 minutes


(of the EFFECTS of KINESTHETIC OCULAR NEURO-PSYCHOLOGY and its POTENTIAL as an AID in the DISCOVERY of SELF) Your eyes are your window to the world. They are also the world’s window to you. Enter a world of seeing your own mind, as Dr. Rhampon Stietger—using music to keep time—introduces kinesthetic neuropsychology as a tool to unlock deeply imprinted images, feelings, associations, and fantasies. $15 / 50 minutes

Only in Your Dreams

Dom, seeking change in her humdrum of a life, finds herself in a fantastical dreamland that quickly becomes a nightmare. Will she be able to escape her own mind? This magical horror comedy musical is packed with songs that will have you laughing out of fear. $15 / 60 minutes

Close Your Legs, Honey

She’s plucked, sucked, and tucked—beauty has met its match! Join Honey and her foul-mouthed mama on a darkly comedic, high-glitz musical misadventure taking on an army of pint-sized glamazons for Grand Supreme glory! Will she win? Mama say a prayer! An ugly story in a beautiful world. About kids, for adults. $15 / 75 minutes

The Arcane Mysteries of Vanderslice Manor

First, detective Basil Shakingstoke must put his personal life aside to solve a locked-room murder. Then, Thomas Vanderslice puts everything on the line to speak with his father from beyond the pale. Set in Arthur Conan Doyle’s London, this curious double feature finds the unexpected in two familiar stories. $12 / 70 minutes

Real America

American Express Comedy (AmEx) explores the bizarre nature of the nation’s current state through a collection of absurd comedy sketches and “real” issues. Take a glimpse at some social and historical themes of our great nation through a colored lens as this show redefines what it means to be a “Real American.” $15 / 60 minutes

Pillow Talk

Expect free-flowing hilarity from the Cambridge Footlights, “the most renowned sketch troupe of them all” (Independent), as they embark on their 2018 world tour, performing to over 20,000 people across two continents. $20 / 60 minutes

powerpoints for my friends

Friendship is weird and hard to define. A line exists that separates friends from acquaintances, from family, from significant others. The weight we put on friendships seems less than that which we put on other relationships in our lives. That concept is challenged in this one-person show exploring anxiety and loss, using the tools of business. $12 / 60 minutes