Close your eyes. The year is 2081. The Chrome Wars have finally been resolved with a tenuous peace treaty. Weary from your day laboring at the hair factory, you pull down a worn headset on your fraying couch and get ready for hilarious night in at Philly Improv Theater/1081.95v.exe.

Everything is as you remember it was back in the year 2018. Before the wars. Before you were cryogenically frozen by a stray particle beam. The first shots of a conflict that would propel the world into a dark and uncertain future … Yes, everything is as you remember. Except all the performers are robots.

A terrifying future to imagine, yes? Open your eyes. The future is now.

Watch and witness the utterly insane and totally macabre machining of a Canadian improviser turned AI researcher. His unexpected scene partner? A robot that does improv comedy. Better brush up on your “yes, ands.” Robots are coming for your stage time.

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