Philly Improv Theater’s mission is to provide the gift of spontaneous, shared creation through live, improvised comedy. Our performance stages and training center develop local talent in order to enhance and amplify the power of collaborative storytelling, in Philadelphia and beyond.



Philly Improv Theater is committed to:

Safety – We aim to provide a warm and welcoming space for audiences, students, and performers by facilitating and fostering openness and accountability. In order to preserve health and mental well-being, we will not tolerate any form of discrimination. See our Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy.

Inclusion – We aim for our audiences, casts, and instructors to reflect the diversity of voices in Philadelphia, providing an inclusive environment for all to feel they can belong; to be not only seen, but heard.

Joy – We aim to be a place for everyone (audiences, students, teachers, and performers) to discover and unlock their best selves. The connections and laughs inspired by the collaborative work PHIT facilitates is the driving force behind creating trust and community.



Philly Improv Theater’s vision is to elevate improv and live comedy for the Philadelphia area through passionately inspiring performance and training, building community on stage and off.