Multiple Improv Projects Auditioning December 7th!

Improv auditions at the Philly Improv Theater have awoken from their slumber and will be back Saturday, December 7th! We will be auditioning for new casts as well as members to add to existing ensembles. Please read through the below and then fill out the audition form. Any questions can be emailed to

DAY: Saturday, December 7th, 2019
TIME: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Rehearsal Room A (2nd Floor)
CALLBACKS: Sunday, December 8th from 7pm – 9pm (note that if you are interested in auditioning for Thank You Places there will be an additional musical improv callback on Tuesday, December 10th between 7pm and 10pm). Callbacks will take place on the PHIT mainstage (first floor).

The Wednesday night show runs of Guillotine and Shore Fire are wrapping up this month, so we are looking to cast two new improv teams! I’m excited to announce two things. First, the directors of these teams will be Derek Hayes (Not Yet Rated) and Christina Anthony (NYTEShift / Overlook)!  These teams will not be held to a strict six month run rather these teams will be more open ended and subject to periodic evaluation. Cast members of these teams will be responsible for paying their director.

Thank You Places is exactly what is says: An Improvised Musical. The characters, story, lyrics are all created on the spot with the aid of fantastic improvised, musical accompaniment. They even got a recent social media shout-out from Broadway legend Bebe Neuwirth! We are looking for additional improvisers to round out this already outstanding cast. This show is currently directed by Sarah Clemency (Overlook / Study Hall). Cast members are responsible for paying their director.

Joe Tuzzi (Interrogation Room / Nightmare on Jawn Street) will be directing this remount of his conservatory show. Each week the cast of Episodic will improvise a “bottle episode” of a made up television show using the bunker mono-scene improv form as a guide. This means the entire cast on stage together for the entire performance. Bottles episodes tend to be the ones on TV in which people deal with pent up emotions and lingering issues, often allowing for some amazing character development and drastic shifts in the overall feel of the show. We will play with these elements as well as other such as commercial breaks, intros, etc.. to create what feels like a television show on stage. There is no payment to the director for this project.

Not Yet Rated is Philly Improv Theater’s catch-all improvised movie squad. Horror comedies, romcoms, action blockbusters, it’s all on the table. We are looking for additional movie loving cast members to complement this already tight ensemble. Not Yet Rated is directed by Mike Marbach (Artistic Director).

Hopefully one (or all!) of those projects caught your attention and we’ll see you on Saturday, December 7th. Read through the below for more detail, fill out the form, and you’ll hear from us soon. Are you more of the scripted type? Good news! The audition for Smitten: A Valentine’s Sketch Comedy Show directed by Oliver de Luz is the next day!

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