New Wednesday Improv Team Names Revealed + Tickets Now On Sale!

For the last few weeks we’ve been revisiting some of our previous Wednesday improv teams. Jillroy & Rockefeller have kicked off 2019 the last two Wednesdays with Whiplash & Wavelength set to take the stage for the last Wednesday before passing the torch to our newest improv teams. These two teams, directed by Tia Kemp & Adam Steiger, have been running all over Philly chasing chickens and jumping rope as they prepare for their debut on January 23rd. Now they have their new team names!

The team directed by Tia Kemp, formerly Codename Riverrun, will be now be known as Big Princess! “I’m so proud & excited about this crew of improvisers that make up Big Princess. This is truly a beautiful group of people with larger than life personalities. They create worlds on stage that are intense, adorably entertaining and memorable.” –Tia Kemp, Director

The team directed by Adam Steiger, formerly Codename Barriston, will now be known as High Fashion! “I’m excited to see what High Fashion and Big Princess bring to Wednesday night.”–Adam Steiger, Director.

Tickets for the debut of Big Princess & High Fashion are now on sale! Wednesday nights are going to be pretty great in 2019. In addition to super fun shows like Maestro leading off at 7:30pm you can look forward to jams, fun one off shows, and special runs following these teams at 10pm.

Wednesdays at 9pm Starting 1/23
Philly Improv Theater
2030 Sansom Street, Phila PA 19103

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