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The N Crowd



Every Friday night in Philadelphia since 2005, The N Crowd has taken your suggestions and played improv games with a rotating cast of hilarious performers. The N Crowd was called “Philadelphia’s premiere improv troupe” by Philadelphia Style Magazine. After more than 10 years and 600 shows, The N Crowd is still going strong with sold-out shows every week. Learn more at




Motel rooms are gross. No one finds comfort in the fact that hundreds of strangers have slept in that bed before them. No one is excited to consider the history that those walls have seen. No one wants to consider all of the events that took place in a cheap room off of Highway Whatever. Until now. In Motel, the audience is lucky enough to see the stories of the people who stayed in that motel room before them. In this Motel, the secrets of the past are aired for your viewing pleasure.
Originally conceived by JStar of the Basement Theater in Atlanta

Thank You, Places



Thank You, Places is a complete improvised musical performed at Philly Improv Theater. From scene to music to lyrics, everything is made up on the spot. Come see opening and closing night of a brand new musical every time!

Hooch presents Have a Great Summer!



PHIT’s premiere all women’s team, Hooch, presents an hour of improv comedy based on people and moments from your past. Come with memorable tales from your school years and maybe you’ll get a chance to see them on-stage!

Sunday's Free Improv Jam



Every Sunday night, PHIT invites improv players of all levels, from no experience to the 50+ years of experience, to play together in a fun and supportive environment on the PHIT stage! Come on down, sign up and enjoy some time in the spotlight – all for free!

Long Story Short



The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And laughs. Also laughs. Join us at PHIT Comedy every Sunday at 7pm to watch a group of improvisers weave hilarious comedy scenes from true stories told by guests from all walks of life. The show is pay what you can, so there’s no excuse to stay home!

Overlook Googles You



Veteran team Overlook creates a fully improvised show based on Googling one brave member of the audience. You never know what (or who) they’ll find!


Overlook is Christina Anthony, Jigesh Baxi, Scott Campbell, Sarah Clemency, Andrew Coppola, Brendan Kingston, Cara McGuffin, Melinda Messina, Andrew Nealis, Jimmy Wyatt.

Bat Stevens



Bat Stevens is an improv comedy group that weaves together vibrant characters and funny scenes into an entire world that unfolds before the audience using an improv form called the Harold. It is both a fast-paced, and thoughtful show. Like eating ice cream after a good dinner.

Cast: Caitlin Corkery, Dan Corkery, Courtney Farrell, Frank Farrell, Maggy Keegan-Landis, Sean Keegan-Landis, and Rob O’Neill

Sketch Riot



See some of Philadelphia’s most up-and-coming sketch comedy troupes alongside vets of the Philly Sketch Scene. With two different teams going up every week, there’s no reason not to check out Sketch Riot over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!




Come see veteran improv team Hoffman put on a completely improvised show! Hoffman is Whitney Harris, Cole Johnston, Kayleigh Leggitt, Max Scholnick, Andrew Sigwart, Peter Szekeres, and Jacob Todd. Hoffman is directed by Brian Rumble.

Citywide: An Indie Comedy Showcase



Citywide is an indie comedy showcase at PHIT that welcomes improv or sketch acts from around the city of Philadelphia. Each week a different selection of acts will take the stage to make you laugh!

Thursday Night Teams



Thursday Night Teams (TNT) explodes onto the schedule in December and can be seen every Thursday at 9pm thereafter. Come out and see two of PHIT’s house teams create two completely improvised shows based on audience input. This block features PHIT house teams Fan Club & (IN SPACE).

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