Yo Dad! Q+A With Joe Tuzzi

What is the origin of the show and why is it important to you?

So my dad passed away in October and he has always said his life would make for a good story. After he passed away I started writing all of the stories i knew about him down and it helped me heal a lot. This show is just my chance to share this with other people to show that when people pass away they leave behind so much and all you have to do is look for it and remember them. Specifically my dad struggled with addiction for a good part of his life and towards the end he made a choice to help the people around him that had the same struggles.  I want to try and continue that by making people laugh and sharing some honest information aboutaddiction and the struggles it brings.

What was your process in coming up with the show?

I just wrote each story down as best as I could remember. I wrote things down told to me by my dad, by my dads friends, by family member. I literally just wrote about 100 different stories down and decided to share it. As i started putting the actual show together I wanted to add something to make the show matter even more so I decided to tackle the subject of addiction and how it affects not just the person struggling but also their friends and fmaily. I also want to highlight that you can heal and get past the tough times.

Could you give a short bio of yourself and how you got involved with PHIT or comedy in general?

I started doing comedy about 6 years ago when 2 friends said I should try an improv class to get me out of a funk. I reluctantly agreed to take a class and fell in love almost immediately. I started volunteering at PHIT as soon as I could and really dove deep into the improv world. Eventually i found sketch and storytelling as other outlets for comedy and ways to literally speak t the audience and I have not stopped since.

Why is performing at PHIT important to you? What do you like about it?

PHIT is my home. The theater gave me not only a place to perform but a community to help build and be a part of.  Honestly I don’t know how I would have gotten through my dad’s passing without this amazing community.

What do you hope to accomplish with the show?

I want to show people that everyone has dark stories and sadness in their lives but there is also so much good in the world. I really hope people see how great of a father my dad was. He made everyone he met smile, even when he was sick and there really is something to learn with that.

Anything else you think is important for people who come to your show should know?

I just want to make sure people are aware this show will deal with addiction but it will also be funny. My dad beat it, he didn’t die from addiction and knowing that brings me peace. Also GO EAGLES #FLYEAGLESFLY

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