The Team Up featuring Hooch & Overlook

Saturday Night at Philly improv theater is a cornerstone of Philly’s comedy scene. Now every Saturday is kicking off with The Team Up featuring Hooch & Overlook! Mixing amazing storytelling,

Thank You, Places: An Improvised Musical

Thank You, Places is a complete improvised musical performed at Philly Improv Theater. From scene to music to lyrics, everything is made up on the spot. Come see opening and

Sketch Comedy: Rodeo54 Goat

Join Goat Rodeo as we transport you back to Rodeo 54- an always groovy, sometimes seedy place full of polyester dreams, free love, and fabulous fads! Put on your dancin’

Sketch Comedy: Jon and Ian Take Some Cuts

Before they venture north towards the beating heart of Canada for the Toronto Sketchfest, Jon & Ian are taking some cuts and doing their set at the Philly Improv Theater.

Gimmick Show

Philly Improv Theater 2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia

THE GIMMICK SHOW Starring: Joey Beams Peter Brown Jon Edelman Marissa Edelman Caroline Hall Alexis Howland Ross Reagan TICKETS: