Take a Chance and Submit to Play in Improv Roulette at Philly Improv Theater!

Since the Philly Improv Theater is unable to open and perform live shows, we have taken to the internet with lots of livestreams. We are livestreaming various shows so that people can continue to laugh, but do so from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The online shows present some unique opportunities that Improv Roulette is looking to bet on.

In Improv Roulette 8-10 experienced improvisers will perform improvised scenes controlled by one of our awesome virtual stage managers. The improvisers – and the audience – will not know who is going to be in each scene, how many people the scene will have, or how long each scene will last. This is fun, low pressure chance to play with people from all over and for the audience to see great performers they might not otherwise get to see in Philly.

If you are interested in playing, please fill out the below form and take your chance.

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