The Spring 2019 season of VS is now accepting submissions… but with a twist!

Philly Improv Theater’s VS: An Improv Cagematch will return in March 2019, but with this season there will be some assembly required. We are only accepting submissions from individual performers who will then be placed on a team to compete in the improv competition. You read that right. We will be creating 8 entirely new improv teams from the pool of submissions! You’ll meet some new people and who knows, maybe you’ll be on a team that lives beyond the competition.

What is new for the Spring 2019 Season of VS?
For the upcoming season of VS we are again pitting 8 different teams against each other, but with one major twist: All teams will be created specifically for this season of VS! We will begin accepting submissions from individuals the 2nd week of January and will keep the application open through Sunday, January 27th. In the week that follows individuals will receive their team assignments. Teams will then have a few weeks of down time or training time before competition begins. The theater is not assigning nor requiring these teams have a coach or practice. If a team chooses to hire a coach or rent practice space it will be done at their own expense.

Is there a prerequisite for participating in this season?
Yes. The prerequisite for the Spring 2019 season of VS is the completion of Improv 201 at PHIT.

How are teams chosen for VS?
Individuals will submit through the form below by Thursday, January 31st. In the week that follows teams will be assembled and notified by Friday, February 8th.

What are the dates for Spring 2019 Season of VS 
Teams must be available for any and all dates in order to compete.  Your team must be available for the championship date in order to sign up. (Lack of availability may affect you chances of being chosen for the summer season). Once scheduled, if your team is not on for a particular night of competition you are not required to attend… but it would be nice if you did.

General Competition Rounds – 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24
Semi Final Rounds – 3/31 and 4/7
Championship Round – 4/14

Does the winning team get a prize?
The Spring 2019 Season champion of VS team will win a prize of $200 and eternal bragging rights.

Click here for more info and throw your name into the goblet!

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