What is VS?
VS is Philly Improv Theater’s improv competition show. This is a single elimination, bracketed tournament in which 8 improv teams are chosen in a random lottery to compete for 7 weeks with four quarter final rounds, two semi-final rounds and one championship round. The audience will be the final judge of which teams advance each week and which team will be the ultimate champion of the season.

How are teams chosen for VS?
Teams will submit through the below form and selected teams will be assigned a date where they will face off against another team.

How is a typical season of VS structured?
General Competition Round ( 4 weeks): The originally chosen 8 teams will be split into four blocks of two teams each. From each block, one team will be voted a winner by the audience via online poll.

Semi Final Round (2 weeks): . The remaining 4 teams will compete across two nights (2 teams each night), with the audience deciding which two teams will move on to the Championship.

Championship Round (1 week):  The final 2 teams will compete to see who will be crowned the ultimate winner of the current season of VS.

What is new for the Spring 2020 Season of VS?
Due to the fact that the Covid-19 virus has most of the world stuck indoors, this VS tournament will be entirely online! All participants are expected to performer from their individual locations. We are also opening this up to any and all improv teams from across the country (or world!) that want to enter.

Is there are limit to team size?
Yes. Due to some online limitations we have to cap the max number for a team to 5 people.

What does my team need to take part in the tournament if selected?
Philly Improv Theater uses the online teleconferencing platform Zoom to broadcast our shows. Participants on each team would need a stable internet connection and would need to download the Zoom app to their computer, smart phone, or portable device. For more information about Zoom click here.

Dates and Times for Spring 2020 Season of VS
Teams must be available for any and all dates in order to compete. Your team must be available for the championship date in order to sign up. (Lack of availability may affect you chances of being chosen for the winter 2020 season). Note that all shows take place in eastern daylight time.

​​Sunday, 4/12 @ 8:30pm
Monday, 4/13 @ 7:30pm
Tuesday, 4/14 @ 7:30pm
Wednesday, 4/15 @ 7:30pm
Sunday, 4/19 @ 7:00pm
Monday, 4/20 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, 4/25 @ 8:30pm

How will the audience choose the winner?
At the end of the show the audience will be given an online poll via zoom and will vote for the winner.

What your team will win?
The Spring 2020 Season champion of VS will get eternal bragging rights and their own block to do one show the week of 4/26.

Will it cost anything to be in VS?
There are no costs required to be involved in VS. Any costs such as a coach or practice space should be decided by your team and will be done so at your own expense.