Saturday, August 25th will be your last chance to see a traditional “house team night” on Saturdays a PHIT… for now. At one time it was the only house team night. Then it was Saturday Night House party as we introduced more improv across our schedule. Then it was the creation of five new teams that have held down Saturday for the last year. Teams that helped to revive Saturdays at the theater and helped introduce so many new people to the Philly Improv Theater and many to improv in general. Though Saturday night is the last night you’ll see them in this particular configuration, I don’t believe you will have seen the last of these teams on our schedule.

This coming change is more about taking advantage of a natural break in regular programming to revisit and revise our schedule in a way that also includes opening up more opportunities. If you’re wondering what will be taking its place then I can tell you that in September we have the Philly Fringe Festival run at PHIT which includes nine (9!) fantastic shows as well as Improvised Seinfeld coming to PHIT from New York for one night only. In October we have a ton of Halloween programming that will be popping up throughout our schedule all of which will be announced soon. In November you can expect to see things settle down to a more regular look for Saturday night. That will include our musical improv show “Thank You Places” moving to a weekly slot Saturdays at 8pm. Additional Saturday changes will be announced in coming weeks. For anyone concerned that more straight forward improv sets are going away on Saturday nights for good I assure they are not. This is just one part of larger schedule changes over time.

It’s also worth noting that tonight is the last regular performance for one of our very long time performers know affectionately as Apple Milkshake. He will probably hate this mention, so I’ll keep it short. AJ is one of the most dynamic and unpredictable performers to have graced the PHIT stage. I’d have to check the archives, but I’m pretty sure he also holds the record for being on the most improv house teams. His performances with Dunk Tank have been some of my favorite to watch him in. He’s a great improviser and a fantastic person and we are sad to see him go, though we hope to see him back soon and often.

Please come out and help put the party back in Saturday nights as we send off Dunk Tank, Hooch, Overlook, and Deep State… for now.

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