At 7pm on August 2nd, Rob O’Connor and Keith Saltojanes received the suggestion of “space-time continuum” from iO Founder Charna Halpern via a phone-call.

Then, with over 600 other contributing performers from all over the improv community from places like Second CityThe GroundlingsUpright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Nerdist Theater, iO WestImprovLA, and more, the groups performed in pre-scheduled blocks of time. Once one time-slot was finished, the next group would immediately get on stage with the previous group and join them in their last scene as the first team would transition offstage. The new group would then continue where they left off.

This continued for 150 hours straight, 24 hours a day without any stopping for a new suggestion or announcing new teams. Both Rob and Keith closed the show by performing another set on August 9th at midnight until 1am to set the World Record.


The original flyer for the show. Clearly, they did not win the world record for poster design.

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